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B2B Marketing on LinkedIn
Enhance Your B2B Marketing Business on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most rapidly growing social media networks and an impactful platform for B2B (business to business) marketing. It enables enterprises to build a solid professional network, and LinkedIn marketing strategy is now an inevitable part of digital marketing. There are 8,49,00,000 LinkedIn users in India as of 2022, and the number is snowballing. Plus, 46% of the social media traffic to B2B websites comes from LinkedIn, making companies think of a LinkedIn strategy for B2B brands. 

What is LinkedIn B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing is marketing your products or services to another business rather than a direct consumer. Consumer-facing companies have a broad customer base and thus, can sell to the masses. On the contrary, B2B companies like manufacturing, software or advertising have a niche audience. Hence, they don't need to market to everyone, just the relevant decision-makers in their industry.

LinkedIn has proven an excellent place for businesses to promote their products or services to professionals. It's a massive global community of decision-makers and a goldmine of customers for B2B companies. In addition, 71% of professionals use LinkedIn to inform decisions. Thus, businesses can include LinkedIn strategies for their B2B brands. 

If you're thinking of LinkedIn B2B lead generation for your brand, here are a few ways to get started in promoting your B2B business on LinkedIn:

1. Optimize your Company Page

Start with your company page if you're promoting your B2B business on LinkedIn. Add all the relevant information and a conversion action for prospective companies. It can be your website URL or an email for more accessible communication. Don't forget to include relevant keywords in your summary and craft a compelling About Us section with a well-designed cover page. 

2. Generate Valuable Content

Sharing valuable, industry-specific and result-driven content is one of the most effective LinkedIn marketing strategies for businesses to stand out from the competition and increase sales. A study found that 89% of decision-makers positively perceive a potential business partner if they constantly share high-quality thought leadership. You can include webinars, opinion posts, research reports, presentations and more in your content. Using relevant keywords and hashtags helps your post become visible to the right audiences. 

3. Run Targeted Ads 

Although social media offers organic growth, it can be slow and challenging. If you opt for LinkedIn B2B lead generation, you can allocate some of your marketing budgets to paid advertising and expand your reach. Sponsored content shows up in LinkedIn feeds and can help you reach the right audiences at the right time. You have many options to appropriately target your viewers and generate trust amongst your potential business partners.

4. Use Advanced Search and Leverage DMs 

LinkedIn allows you to find exactly the people you're looking for. The advanced search feature has multiple filters you can use to your advantage. You can filter by location, current company, profile language, past company, school, education, non-profit interests and more. You can find the appropriate people that might be interested in your business and send them a DM putting your best foot forward. Advanced search is one of the most powerful techniques to find your targets directly. 

5. Encourage your Team Members to be Active on LinkedIn 

While having a company page is great, motivating your team to share content and promote thought leadership is essential. You can have the best LinkedIn B2B lead generation strategy on paper, but only your employees or colleagues can bring it to life.

Inspire your teams to share their professional insights about the industry or a particular topic on their personal LinkedIn pages. As per LinkedIn's reports, the content that employees share has 2x more visibility and engagement than content shared on a company's page. Therefore, if you find some employees who generate valuable content, you can boost the posts for optimum reach.

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