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Can AI replace the digital marketers
Can AI replace the digital marketers

Curious about AI in Digital Marketing? Will it replace marketers? Our latest blog explores the synergy between AI and human creativity in marketing. Dive in…

Will AI replace my profession? How many of us, in our respective roles have had this thought on their minds? Well, we don’t need a show of hands here, because we are all in it! When AI was introduced, the world was awestruck. However, along with its speed, precision problem solving magic, there was a speculation in every industry – whether AI is going to replace humans someday? Or let’s face the truth – the immediate future? 

According to a survey – more than 40% people said they thought AI will affect their career negatively. So how many of these were digital marketers? It’s a toughie – but if you are a digital marketing expert and want to know if AI will affect your position, will it be taking over your job? Well, let’s find out….

Will AI replace humans in digital marketing? 
Simple and straight answer is NO. Phew! What a relief right? Nah, we know this answer may not suffice. Let’s dive deeper and check out, the role of AI in digital marketing, how you can make the most of it, and how you can armor up to still be the superior species!

Marketing is a vast field. Majority of aspects in their stream still need a lot of creative input. It still needs intuitive and broad thinking, something that AI may not be able to process. 
Bringing out original content that connects with the audience, innovating and inspiring, can only be done perfectly with the unpredictability and limitlessness of the human mind. 
Considering how marketing works. One size never fits all. Market patterns keep evolving. Consumer perceptions, likes and inspiration trigger points keep changing. It is the human mind and approach that can adapt at the split second and execute ideas, plans and emotions at their best. 

Man, still has to upper hand when it comes to emotions, empathy, sympathy, mindfulness and more. We know marketing is about communication, story telling and connecting with a purpose. All of which AI is still lacking. 
When it comes to critical thinking, AI may not be able to take that tough last-minute decision. This area will always need the human mind to process it with finesse. 
Considering the above, we feel AI is still the supporting force of effective and unparalleled human mind in marketing. We can say that the role of digital marketing managers will be evolving with the latest development in AI. Continuous adaptation and learning will take place. But we can safely say that AI will not completely replace humans in marketing. 

Which key areas will AI take over? 
Automation thy name is AI! So yes, AI will make sure that all tasks that are repetitive and mundane for marketing, will be taken over. So, humans make way for AI to take care of all that is just an everyday thing!
Time-consuming tasks such as managing vast datasets are seamlessly handled by AI, leveraging its advanced programming capabilities. So, it will execute a speedy analysis and also data collection streamlining.
It can find specific patterns of data faster, and give predictions based on the same. With proper inputs, AI will help you with important insights about your target audience, which will enable you to tailor a need based digital output for them. 
When we say working with AI as your partner, the best way to leverage Ai would be by creating a digital assistant. Sounds cool? 
Imagine having customer helplines that are available 24x7, thanks to the ever-reliable Chatbots! Of course, they might not have all the answers, but they're champs at giving you a warm welcome and tackling those first requests without skipping a beat. Now that we say is an asset, right?
With AI doing repetitive mundane jobs, you will have saved time. And what do we do with that? We turn it into higher productivity! Digital marketers can use this opportunity to deal with tough and creative tasks that need more attention.

Leverage AI in marketing - 

  • For most marketers, the key is to make sure AI is your assistant.  You can still gain the competitive edge by leveraging AI and fine-tuning work flow efficiency. 
  • Stay updated with the newest updates, and innovations in AI. They can be excellent tools that will help you learn better and grow. 
  • The ability if AI to automate tasks is the biggest USP. Ai has bundled capacities of multiple platforms, software and systems. Collectively it can outperform the individual capacities of any single one. It can grasp and patterns and help with better predictions, which can lead to optimized and better marketing strategies. 
  • Identify the skills and skillsets those that will be taken over by AI, and those that will never be in the future even. Focus on these skills.
  • Adapt and go with the flow. As cliched as it sounds – change is the only constant. Let the change happen, but how it impacts you can always be pre-determined. 
  • Keep your horizons broad and your skills diverse. Don't get boxed in by just one expertise. The name of the game is continuous learning and self-improvement. That way, whenever the right moment pops up, you've got a unique skill up your sleeve that's all your own.

Once again – AI will never fully replace digital marketers….
In conclusion, remember that AI isn't trying to replace digital marketers – it's more like a helpful friend. Think of AI as your digital buddy, always working to boost your efforts and make your life easier. By teaming up with AI and using its special abilities, we're unlocking a bunch of great benefits that never cease. So, let's give a thumbs-up to AI and enjoy the benefits it brings to the exciting world of digital marketing!

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