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Working with Sensebite  an insight
Working with Sensebite � an insight �

The right balance of creativity, and culture makes Sensebite, a go-to design studio for talented professionals. Explore our work culture and every day in this blog. Know how and why we do what we do!

There is always that one reason that puts all your doubts aside. It weighs in perfectly and clears any confusion that hangs your decisions in the balance. We believe this blog is also one of these. We write this to help you see yourself working in a creative studio that brings brands to life.

The outer circle �

There is a lot of us mentioned in conventional platforms. Here is a gist.

honest studio

We are an honest studio with no behind-the-scenes. Whatever you see and read � is all that makes us � US!

Sensebite was founded in 2011. A creative mind � looking to channelize all her potential � Ms. Sayali Tate, began her humble yet creatively transformative journey. Nourished with challenges, creative energy and the passion to make a difference � Sensebite grew in all directions and layers.

So we are 11 years old and 11 spectacular years young with providing industries with creative solutions and trends!


Today we stand with an impressive portfolio, with a wide range of clients from multiple industries. In our journey of providing fresh perspectives and ideas � our client base tilts more towards B2B clients. We have mastered the B2B sector with serving industries like � Engineering, Oil and Gas, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Construction and more.

honest studio

Our portfolio says it all. So, you get to work with a broad spectrum of clients. Discover the growth journey of each; explore your creativity and ideas that help them in unique ways.

We are proud to say that some of our collaborations are 10 years old and still going strong!

honest studio

Location, Location�

Located in � Aamchi Pune�, we like all Punekars, have absorbed every filament of culture and tradition, which reflects in our way of thinking. Sure we are proud, but we love to keep it simple. We are also humble and love our people.

Founder finding her calling �

Sensebite was founded by Ms. Sayali Tate, who has a degree in applied arts. With a passion to make design a powerful transformative tool, she steadily built a strong foundation of her independent creative studio. Coming from a creative background has helped in shaping Sensebite to be a design centric studio, delivering the best on core creative and designing services.

honest studio

Women power �.

honest studio

A woman led design studio � with majority of women assigned with challenges. We have women leading various roles. We don�t mean to brag, but we consider it our strength. The creative energy that rings in work every day is inspiring. Women have great mental endurance, and it definitely helps in all our efforts.

How we work �

honest studio

When we say creativity, we mean boundless skies of ideas and imagination. We welcome all with a progressive perspective. Anything unique under the sun is open for transformation into creative solutions.

Everybody has the freedom to express their ideas. We do not limit our team to outputs only related to their role. We encourage a seamless blend of opportunities and out-of-the box effort. A designer can give his/ her opinion or idea on strategy or visualization. Similarly, a marketing manager is free to give his take on a design or idea. You�ll be surprised to see the quality of ideas and outputs this free and blended work process delivers.

It�s all about coming together and really getting in the zone. To enable this, our priority is brainstorming sessions. Getting ideas on a common platform helps bring a brilliant reserve of possibilities. Creativity and imagination start snowballing through brainstorming. Its like connecting the dots. One may not know how to put up the entire story, so everyone pitches in to complete the picture with his or her creative best!

Creative force of the work force�

At Sensebite, we believe an artist is born first and created next. We definitely and positively give opportunities to people from all fields to choose a career in designing. Passion and talent are inborn, so if you have the creative passion, you are most welcome to be a part of our family!

honest studio

Although we encourage the above, at Sensebite, our current team is led by core design and graphic design professionals. They have a degree in fine arts and specialize in creative and technological knowledge related to their profile. This helps us in delivering quality in all our projects.

What makes us different? There is a plethora of agencies and design service professionals out there. What we do is give the client a competitive edge, through our offerings. Design is our forte. We offer everything unique and out of the box. A blend of timely delivery, cost effectiveness, something unique and never tried before ideas, execution and most importantly results, is what we deliver!

Value addition, respecting deadlines and taking initiative are among our non-negotiable principles. We take full accountability and responsibility � be it our success or our learning lessons.

Culture and Vibes �

Being a creative studio, the culture and atmosphere is fluid in Sensebite. We have the best of times at work. All we do and see is in full colour, be it our projects or going about our everyday.

honest studio

We are a strong team, ready to face challenges together. We help each other rise and through any difficulty. Teamwork is our strength. We never leave anybody down and low, we support both on professional and personal fronts if required.

The culture is inclusive. We celebrate every festival, and every special occasion with a great deal of spirit and liveliness! We all love cake and birthdays are the most awaited occasion of the entire team.

Mid-week lunches or Friday evening celebrations are a part of our vibe. We believe in celebrating achievements � big and small. We believe in recognitions and rewards � every month we have a special award called � Boss of the month�. It is given to the highest performing and achieving team member.

What keeps us going is living life in the moment � we leave the worries of tomorrow for tomorrow. We give the best of us today for everyday!

We have strict policies when it comes to professionalism. A code of conduct, adherence and discipline are integral to our culture. When you work with us � you work with an organization that follows healthy protocol ensuring safety and dignity of every team member.

Lets connect and meet�

honest studio

So this is us. You know us through by now and for anything else there�s always our website to check us out! We would love to hear from you or meet you too. So if there is something that strikes all the right cords, we�d love to connect and collaborate!

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2nd Floor, Navkar Saraswati, Shridharnagar, Chinchwad, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra 411033

Call : +91 98503 14030

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