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Cross-Platform Winning Campaign
The Ultimate Guide to Plan a Cross-Platform Winning Campaign

Since brands now have multiple social media accounts, digital marketers need to juggle audiences, metrics and goals pertaining to every platform. This involves maintaining an active, on-brand presence throughout the different social networks. If you want to win across all social media channels, it’s essential to create a cohesive and powerful cross-platform campaign.

Cross-platform marketing also helps you move your prospects effortlessly through the sales funnel across multiple channels. With a cross-platform content strategy, you can reach out to your customers across various channels and ensure that your brand is in front of their eyes at all times. More visibility on digital platforms helps you get more recognition and sales, too.

What is a Cross-Platform Campaign?

A cross-platform campaign is a social media campaign that runs across various platforms – these can include Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. The campaign interacts with customers wherever they are spending time and generates awareness, interest and conversion.

When you’re able to create content that aligns with the needs of every platform, your marketing translates into a seamless omnichannel experience instead of the ‘ad’ like appearance that customers usually want to escape from. The best multi-platform media campaign is one that tailors the idea to suit every platform’s posting specifications – for instance, 280 characters on Twitter, business-driven content on LinkedIn, image-specific posts on Instagram, etc. This increases your chances of getting your audience to engage with you.

Top Benefits of Cross-Platform Campaigns

Having a cross-platform social media strategy can deliver many benefits. It will ensure your audience finds sensible information on every platform. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to engage with different kinds of audiences across various channels. The best multi-platform campaign is one that’s planned and executed uniquely for every social media channel. The key benefits of cross-platform campaigns include:

  • Set Different Goals – You can customize your goals as per the channel. For instance - Build awareness on Instagram, Get conversions on Facebook, etc.
  • Offer Value-Driven Content – Based on the format of the platform, you can maximize your content, visuals, videos and achieve the desired results.
  • Ensure Better Reach – Compared to single-platform campaigns that only reach a specific set of audiences; a cross-platform content strategy can help you reach a wider audience.
  • Promote Brand Building – Consistency across all platforms helps build loyalty and trust for your business and brand.

Your multi-platform media campaign can help you leverage data-driven decision making and use innovative content to unify your interactions. Want to know how to create that winning cross-platform social media strategy?

Tips for a Successful Cross-Platform Campaign:

Strategize First – Having a strategy for every platform and the campaign helps you start off strong. Your campaign should include S.M.A.R.T. goals, research of your audience and deadlines for posting.

Platform-Specific Goals – Along with the campaign goals, it helps to have specific plans for every platform – post 2 reels on Instagram, generate shopping-focused visuals on Pinterest, build brand value on LinkedIn, etc.

Respond Across all Platforms – Don’t post and ghost. Instead, build engagements by replying to messages, comments, etc., across all your social media channels.

Combine Paid and Organic Posting – Remember, not all posts need paid promotion and not all of them do well in an organic way. Understand which posts need a boost and which ones should rely on organic reach. Remember to focus on one key message in your paid promotions.

Create a Call to Action – Whether it is in the posts, in your bio or in the link you share, make sure there’s a CTA for your customers. It’s the only way they can reach you to become a customer.

Leverage Analytics – It’s a great way to understand what is working and what is not, especially in the case of cross-platform campaigns. With analytics and tools, you get a cohesive picture of how your campaign performed.

Schedule your Posts – Save time, energy and efforts and ensure consistent posting with scheduling features. This way, you don’t have to spend all your time posting on multiple platforms.

Sounds interesting, right? At SenseBite, we work on multiple social media networks and platforms for our different clients – B2B and B2C. We love designing cross-platform marketing and content strategies for our clients. Over the years, our cross-platform marketing has given us exceptional results.

Contact us to know how we plan a winning strategy for your cross-platform campaign.

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