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Facebook Algorithms
How to Make the Facebook Algorithms Work for You

The Facebook Algorithm almost feels like a mystery, right? Thus, brands are always concerned about their presence on this widely used social media platform. Currently, there are 2.91 billion monthly active users on Facebook (as of February 2022), and the platform experiences a 7.18% increase year-over-year. As Facebook is the largest social media platform globally, it’s natural that Facebook marketing is a must for all brands – irrespective of their size, geography or domain.

Facebook statistics also show that it delivers one of the best ROIs in social ads for marketers. And since your customers are already on Facebook, it’s natural for you to be present there, too. However, there’s more to posting on Facebook and seeing results. Surviving the updated Facebook algorithm involves changing your content strategy and working towards bolstering your organic reach.

Did you know? Organic Facebook page posts see only 0.7% engagement. That’s why brands need to know how to bump their posts with valuable, authentic and remarkable content. If you want to succeed on the world’s largest social network, find out how the Facebook algorithm ranks content in 2022 and learn the best Facebook algorithm hacks with us!

What is Facebook Algorithm?

The Facebook algorithm determines what people will see in their posts every time they check their feed and in what order the posts will show up. Basically, Facebook evaluates every post, and the algorithm scores them and arranges them in descending order of interest for each user. This process is constantly happening every time one of 2.9 billion users refresh their feed. Remember, the goal of Facebook is to keep people on the platform – for more time and with more interest so that they see more ads. Facebook mentions that they want users to discover new content and connect with ideas and stories that they care about. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, makes sure that the Facebook algorithm isn’t static. Countless people are working on artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve the algorithms at a rapid rate.

How the Facebook Algorithm Works in 2022?

2022 has witnessed many changes in the Facebook algorithm. To begin with, your News Feed is now just called Feed and shows you meaningful and informative stories. The core ranking signals for these include:

  • Who posted it (people you interact with most)
  • Type of content (video/photos based on your liking)
  • Interactions with the post (more engagements, more visibility).

As a brand, understanding how the Facebook algorithm works and using the right Facebook algorithm hacks can help you get maximum visibility for your organic and paid posts. Did you know your users can train the algorithm and customize their feed? This can be done using the favourites and in-feed options like hide post, hide ad, I don’t want to see this, etc. Something you never want your customers to do to your brand, right? That’s why choosing the perfect strategies for Facebook marketing that align with the changes in the Facebook algorithm is crucial.

5 Tips to Work with Facebook Algorithm:

1. Understand Your Audience and what they want to See

If you can understand what is meaningful and informative to your audience (prospective customers), you can connect with their unique interests and behaviours and make an impact with your posts.

2. Create Authentic and Accurate Content

Posts that people consider genuine and authentic on Facebook rank higher and get better visibility. If the content is misleading, sensational or spammy, it won’t receive many views, and you will end up wasting your time and money, too. Clear headlines, truthful content and creative ideas will help get your brand an excellent reach on Facebook.

3. Engage with the Audiences by mastering your Reply Game

How often does your brand connect with audiences on Facebook? If someone takes the time to reply to any of your posts, don’t miss the opportunity. Make them feel heard by replying to the comment. It increases the chances of them engaging with your future posts, too.

4. Let Audiences Engage with Each Other

The Facebook algorithm constantly values content people want to share or discuss with their friends. If your brand can create posts that your customers want to share or discuss, the algorithm applies the action-bumping logic and shows the post to users again.

5. Leverage Facebook Stories

If you’re looking for ideas on how to bypass the Facebook algorithm, the best way is to use Facebook stories that show above the Feed. Facebook has also launched Reels in the US, and once it is launched in India, it will be a good idea to include it in your content strategy for Facebook marketing.

Remember, the best advocates for your social media marketing are your employees, partners and stakeholders. You can expand your reach by encouraging your employees to share your posts. They have more credibility and authority with Facebook algorithms than brand pages, as they have their own followers and friends.

Don’t miss out on this pro tip – use your best advocates for your branding on Facebook!

At SenseBite, we specialize in Facebook marketing for multiple brands and offer result-driven strategies for Facebook marketing. Our digital marketers are always aware of the changes in the Facebook algorithm and help our clients get maximum results from their efforts on this largest social platform.

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