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success story
A success story woven with dreams and dedication!

How it began…

There was once a dream, untouched, unearthed, scorching inside a brilliant mind and waiting to move out towards brighter skies, painting towns red, spreading the wings of new thinking and creativity, wanting to wander the space of freedom, and the solitude of making a difference in the world. One fine day it finally cocooned out, slipped out of a conservative world, pointy finger fences, and aligned to reality.

Meet the founder …

This small story here is nothing but the very inspirational beginning of Sensebite Design studios. The dream is the brainchild of our founder, Miss Sayali Tate, who dared to dream, and her hard work and positivity, made possible a journey of 10 long years. It was not just an ordinary decade. It encompassed the many shades and emotions of making a valuable mark, in fierce competition, an unforgiving society and the evolving face of business in the creative industry.

Timeline of celebrations …

Sensebite was founded on 01st August 2011, with a modest investment and one desk. It slowly grew with more work, diverse clients, vivid experience, employees and a bigger workspace, to host it all! So, when  it was the time to plan for the celebrations of Sensebite design studio’s 10th anniversary, it had to be grand, and not only  in terms of merriment, but in reflecting a decade full of values, respect, life lessons and most importantly, gratitude for everything. So the month of August was pre planned with various creative inputs, from everybody who is a part of the Sensebite family (yes, we love to practice freedom of expression, despite anyone’s profile or position. It gives us joy and keeps the spirits high!)

Logo that made a  mark …

The first big step was an anniversary special logo, which was specially designed for the 10th anniversary month. And the best part – we added a touch of competition to it. All employees made logos and the best one was selected as the final and winner! (talk about keeping the creative ball rolling in office!).

Next, we chose to make a teaser for the logo reveal, a campaign that would tickle the curiosity of our viewers. The campaign was designed and executed with creative strategy, and delivered strategically. The month also had special content and a newsletter with the journey of Sensebite through the decade.

Sensebite family speaks

For any business, the employees are the foundation and strength. At Sensebite, our employees are more like family, than just work colleagues. Their pride, emotions, wishes and happiness, were expressed in stories through employee testimonials. Every employee penned their journey of learning, experience, emotions, gratitude and growth with Sensebite, in thoughtful and honest words. We believe our strength lies in the bonds of trust and integrity that is shared among all Sensebite members.

The best rewards …


Our clients truly make us who we are and, we couldn’t be more grateful, for all the trust, opportunity and faith they have in us. With a large experience from many industry verticals, each of our clients had a story to tell, a moment of joy to share. They delighted us with their testimonials, written with generosity and inspiring content. Some of our clients sent their wishes and experience with Sensebite with an elaborate video, mentioning the beautiful journey and experience. Their honest remarks and recognition, is our true inspiration. It has filled us with new energy to take on bigger challenges and deliver them with exceptional work quality.

Moment of truth …

The big day had arrived. It was the moment of celebration and honestly, we could not keep our calm. The coolest boss, as we like to call her, and the founder – Miss Sayali Tate, generously, provided the day off, to have fun, celebrate the pivotal milestone in full glory. The office was filled with smiles, congratulatory exchanges hummed in the air, and positivity and pride radiated throughout the premises. What a spectacular start to the day!

Sure, it was special for all, but the one true strength behind this success, was our founder, and we decided to give her a surprise. We believed in her, looked up to her, and admired her for her dedication and effort, that made Sensebite stand as one of the city’s best design agency.  So a nature inspired gift – a planter with a hand painted 10 years logo, with an indoor plant (she is an ardent nature lover, and loves all things eco-friendly)was handed over, as a token of our respect and gratitude. A special video was created with old memories and special words of appreciation, as a token of love from the Sensebite family.

Brochure reveal …

The ceremony continued with the inauguration of the new Sensebite brochure, by our esteemed chief guest - a moment with smiles of pride and tears of joy. Employees sat down together, and each one shared their journey with Sensebite, with congratulations and assurances for a brighter future, at the end. The best part of this time, was the note from the founder. She had a quick, crisp, honest, and down to earth treasure of words, for the remarkable journey of 10 years, the emotional investment, hard work, immense support from her family, friends and well-wishers, and a word of advice and inspiration for everybody. She addressed the occasion with positive pride, honesty and a simple yet thoughtful conversation (now you know why we call her the coolest boss ever).

Well, after all the fun games, and soulful words, it was time to feast! We finished the day with scrumptious food, long casual conversations and goodbyes.

The atmosphere in office the next day, was inviting, refreshing, like the new decade had begun. We all were prepped to take on new challenges, and to be true it was reflected in the high and positive spirit that lingered in the office all day long.

Summing up the celebration …

Well, that was a long narration, but 10 years needed more honor and space, than to be summed up in a small paragraph! This is a memory and a reminder of strength for all of us at Sensebite. We have come a long way, steering through odds and evens, diving through creative oceans and a long and varied learning path.

Has it made us proud? Yes. But in a way that only encourages more creativity and strength to stand through all the odds. Sensebite is still the same, with humble roots, creative bloom, the willingness and capacity to be at par with the evolving trends. We may have come long, but we will always be learning and expanding our skills and services, so as to deliver the best, under one roof and in one master stroke!

Gratitude always …

Thank you to all our well-wishers, clients, family, and friends. We all owe this golden achievement to your faith and support. Gratitude always!

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