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TATA BlueScope


TATA BlueScope is a leading manufacturer of premium steel products and building solutions in India. Known for their commitment to innovation and excellence, they have a full spectrum of products used in a wide range of industries, like infrastructure, construction, etc.


Client wanted us to design a 3D foldable ad for metro train handles. The task was interesting yet challenging in many ways. The space available for branding ad was compact. Each surface further had limited design space to communicate and design. Something like a handle is often overlooked, or generalized with simply a tool for safety in the metro. Navigating through this, we wanted to make an impactful branding design that used minimum space yet attracted the audience as they held on to the metro handle.


The project was to make advertisements for branding in metro trains. Branding is a vast concept and focusing on the right communication note in short time and limited space was an interesting challenge. The message had to be quick, crisp and clear.


We had an initial meeting with the structural and creative possibilities. Finalizing the draft included creating short yet very impactful punch lines ( captions ) for branding. The design too would have to be minimal and unique. Once the content was final – design team worked on options around the caption . they also experimented with design structure options like to include the handle as apart of the design. We had multiple surface to cover ( 4 sides ), and we decided to design two parallel surfaces and then mirror the exact same design on the opposite surface. This ensured that no matter which way the audience faced and held the handle, he/ she would have view of full and complete branding experience, rather than turning to other side to check out the rest of the design. A crisp caption and bold design were finalized by client. We worked on final touches and delivered and exceptional product.

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Truly impressive! It was a one of kind creative that really ranked high, considering the unique design challenge. It rolled through the metro handles across cities. The client were happy and do were we!

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Tejas Jakkan - Art Director
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