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GS Caltex India is a global player in the energy and petrochemical sector, offering a diverse range of lubricants designed for both automotive and industrial use. These lubricants serve as essential components, promoting smooth operations and driving progress across various sectors.


Our aim was to create a YouTube video ad that connects with everyday consumers by showcasing relatable vehicle issues in an entertaining story. We wanted to introduce the benefits of Kixx smart lubricants without making the script overly complicated.


Our task involved crafting a YouTube video ad that resonates with a regional audience while promoting our client's smart lubricants range. The challenge was to effectively present engine lubricants by incorporating relatable everyday problems and emphasizing product benefits, all while avoiding complex technical explanations. Our objective was to create a memorable and relatable ad that would connect with viewers and leave a lasting impression.


We kicked off the project with a brainstorming session alongside the client, generating different script ideas showcasing everyday car issues solved by GS Caltex Kixx lubricants. Once we settled on a script, we fine-tuned it and created a storyboard, consulting with the client at each step. The visuals, animations, and voiceovers were then skillfully combined to craft an engaging video ad that met the client's goals, underscoring our team's ability to deliver a satisfying and effective video ad.

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Creative Team

Satish Jadhav - Creative Head
Aditya Mane - Video Editor
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